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Did you know?
More than 80% of women don’t get enough magnesium. It’s a vital nutrient for every women to help her manage daily tasks. It helps to relax muscles, create energy and to help stabilize your mood.
By taking a soak in our Bath Salts the magnesium absorbs through your skin, into your cells and bloodstream so that you can experience the benefits even quicker.
Why use our Bath Salt?
πŸ› Can ease PMS symptoms such as bloating, insomnia, swelling & breast tenderness
πŸ› Helps with bone density to help prevent osteoporosis
πŸ› Help promote better sleep and regulate energy levels
πŸ› In pregnancy it can help with nausea, aches, pains and discomfort

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  • May assist with soothing sore muscles and cramps.
  • May bring some relief to back pain caused by pregnancy.
  • Can support stretching skin.
  • Is known to speed up the healing of cuts.
  • Has been shown to be a natural stress reducer and to promote sleep.
  • Known for it’s ability to relieve pain and inflammation in tired joints.
  • Soothes sore muscles after working out.
  • Relieves soreness from diarrhea, usually caused by antibiotics.
  • Can relieve tired, swollen feet if used as a foot soak.
  • Improves circulation.
  • Improves skin hydration.


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