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Pregnant and Breastfeeding mother’s must nourish their babies and themselves. Nutrients and food choices are thus a top consideration.

Protein is the building blocks of new tissue and required for growth. Adequate protein is needed to ensure that the body can build, repair and maintain tissues and organs. Protein is also important for immune and neurological function.


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  • Dairy Free so it will not cause any gas, cramps, bloatedness or lactose issues in
    either mom or baby. Made with Pea and Rice protein and not Whey like other
    pregnancy & breastfeeding safe shakes on the market.
  • Contains extra Oats & Flax Seed to help increase and maintain a healthy breastmilk
    supply. It also helps to keep you regular and prevent constipation.
  • Contains a 40% Multi Vitamin WITHOUT Vitamin A to ensure the safety of mom and
    baby during pregnancy. The safest way to consume vitamin A during pregnancy is
    from food, not supplementation.
  • Contains 10g Peptan Collagen to help support ligament and stretching skin during
    pregnancy and also promotes faster healing post partum.
  • Our shake is high in Protein (21.6g per serving – I have yet to find a shake higher in
    protein that is safe for pregnancy & breastfeeding). The higher the protein content of
    a shake, the longer it keeps you full, making our shake a perfect meal replacement
    shake. The high protein content also helps promote healing post partum and for
    optimal fetal growth.
  • Our low carb and sugar content also makes it great as a meal replacement shake
    because there is no extra carbs/sugar that will convert into fat. Carbs per serving is
    5g and sugar only 0.1g (I haven’t found a shake lower in sugar that is pregnancy and
    breastfeeding safe). Our low sugar content also ensures that you won’t experience
    any sugar spikes and crashes, only sustained energy throughout the day.
  • Our shake is also approved by Medical Aids (also a first for pregnancy &
    breastfeeding shakes) so you can submit your purchase to your medical aid for
    reimbursement. Reimbursement depends on your medical aid plan.


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